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Release Note

Version 1.71

*** Version 1.71 Official Release *** CLIENT [Add] Increase FPS to 32 (remove move kick effect) (16 always avaiable in option) [Add] In windowed mode set the display in 32 bits (no windows resolution or color table chnage) [Add] New Spell Effect [Add] New Monster [Add] New Floor 100% new floor avaiable [Add] New Wall more »


Version 1.70

*** Version 1.70 Official Release *** NEW FEATURE CLIENT [NEW] Smooth Floor 2.0. [NEW] New options client/server. [NEW] New launcher (Improved performance on logging in and out of 1.7). [NEW] Compatibility OS XP / Vista / Seven. [NEW] Player switch ( Switch player without disconnection server ). NEW FEATURE SERVER [NEW] All functions system server more »


Version 1.61

*** Version 1.61 Official Release *** [FIX] Many Client Crash/Bug fixed. [FIX] Many Server Crash/Bug fixed.


Version 1.60

*** Version 1.60 Official Release (16/10/2006) *** Resolutions from 640×480 up to 1024×768 Transparency in the interface & game (can be switched off) New atmospheric effects Floors, walls, trees, flowers.. Areas, Ice Cavern, Goblin camp, Main cities reworked Whole new interface New monster skin : Yeti New items : Flowers, Hammers, Swords, Staffs, Ham, Hats… more »


Version 1.50

*** Version 1.50 Official Release *** [Add] Trade system. [Add] New spell skins. [Add] New colored capes. [Fix] 5 seconds delay at opening. [Fix] Human keeping invisible after login. [Fix] Spells casted on self visual bugs. [Fix] Critical strike on hide. [Fix] Remote buying from npcs bug. [Fix] Unhide now has a spell effect. [Fix] more »


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