Official team's development The 4th Coming

September, 2012

Version 1.50

*** Version 1.50 Official Release *** [Add] Trade system. [Add] New spell skins. [Add] New colored capes. [Fix] 5 seconds delay at opening. [Fix] Human keeping invisible after login. [Fix] Spells casted on self visual bugs. [Fix] Critical strike on hide. [Fix] Remote buying from npcs bug. [Fix] Unhide now has a spell effect. [Fix] more »


Version 1.40

*** Version 1.40 Official Release *** [FIX] Client no longer crashes when another program is opened while its loading. [FIX] CTRL+UP and CTRL+DOWN now works even when the Chatter interface is not showing up. [FIX] Hitting ENTER when there is no text to send no longers add an empty entry to the history nor try more »


Version 1.30

*** Version 1.30 Official Release *** Windowed client mode. No more ability to use TPP. Less processor Utilization. Rain/lightning effects. Enhanced chat interface. While playing (ChatterUI minimized): CTRL+Left : Go a character back. CTRL+Right : Go to next character. Delete : Delete the next character. Backspace : Delete a character back. CTRL+Up : Go back more »


Version 1.25c

*** Version 1.25c Bug Fix Patch *** No changelog released from Vircom


Version 1.25b

*** Version 1.25b Official Release (10/25/02 — 17:00 EST) *** FIX: The Vicars (Asgoth, Ramiel, Kervian and Vharmes), Jormungand, Fenrir and Hel no longer give experience points per damage dealt. FIX: The abilities of the celestial armor have been slightly toned down. FIX: The portal in the mountains leading to Makrsh P’Tangh’s lair has been more »


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