Official team's development The 4th Coming

Version 1.60

*** Version 1.60 Official Release (16/10/2006) ***

  • Resolutions from 640×480 up to 1024×768
  • Transparency in the interface & game (can be switched off)
  • New atmospheric effects
  • Floors, walls, trees, flowers..
  • Areas, Ice Cavern, Goblin camp, Main cities reworked
  • Whole new interface
  • New monster skin : Yeti
  • New items : Flowers, Hammers, Swords, Staffs, Ham, Hats…
  • Realtime Minimap
  • Realtime Auto-discovering Map
  • Beginners’ welcoming tutorial
  • Game Launcher is now more configurable, can set different servers/accounts prefs
  • Deleted characters can now be restored.
  • Measures added to prevent long time warps if a character fails to save to the database.
  • Better server thread registering, tracking, and logging.
  • [server] Enable/Disable effect when hide gets uncovered
  • [server] Enable/disable Rob while walking
  • [server] Enable/Disable Rob while being attacked
  • Added option to enable/disable XP logging on every hit (as it used to be)
  • Possibility to change CC colors and main game macros (spellbook, inventory..)
  • Fixed some items skins : Goblin mask
  • Fixed some memory leaks that made the client crashing
  • Fixed letters are now readable
  • Quest for Willowisp Ring (npc : Evelyn RD)
  • Fixed exploit : Oracle Invis Laby bypass
  • Fixed exploit : Chamber of speed exploit
  • Fixed exploit : Doppelganger portal
  • Caledbolg’s Shrine entrance NPC
  • Newbie Bug fixed
  • Memory leaks in server fixed.
  • Put a limit of summoning monsters by quantity (limit 200 at a time).
  • Line of Sight problem where A could target B but B couldn’t target back.
  • Infinite spells no longer wears off when logging off and their icons no longer disappears from client screen while its still running.
  • Fixed legacy code where players were not allowed to get full XP (on-hit xp) when over level 199.
  • NPC shouting on channels now logs to shouts log.


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