Official team's development The 4th Coming

About us

The 4th Coming was created in 1999 by Vircom Interactive Canadian society, which in 2006 has sold all rights to the company Dialsoft Inc.that prior to acquire all rights, had several operating licenses of the game since 1999 for servers Realmud and Havoc especially.

Dialsoft having recovered all codes-sources of the game, Marc FREGA (president) and Carlos “FPGA” LIMA (at the developer time on the server Realmud) decided to create the T4CDev project to continue the development of the game up to version 2.0, the game ceased to be developed by Vircom after the release of the version 1.25d. They made appeal to passionate to players contribute volunteer on the project.
The first part of the T4CDev project, known under the name of T4C V2, developed the project from version 1.3 to version 1.61. At the exit of the version 1.61 T4C V2 team was dissolved. A development team has been bulging under the name of T4CDev to work on a version 1.7.
It is today the team T4CDev which officially developed the game and who has released three new major versions: the 1.70 (2010), the 1.71 (2011) and the 1.72 (2012).

The first such brought many new systems such as the guilds, auction House, professions, and many other new options. It also greatly strengthens the security of the game and its stability. 1.71, If it also brings its batch of new features, will be primarily the total redesign of the user interface and a redesign of a large part of the graphics.

Small last, the 1.72 version includes the system of phases RolePlay, new graphics, the update of the T4CUpdate webpatch, the content box listed messages automatic CC, the PVP arena, the log of quests, more options for the hotel sales.