Official team's development The 4th Coming

Version 1.25a

*** Version 1.25a Official Release (08/20/02 — 17:00 EST) ***   FIX: The “Wrath of the Ancients” aura spell now remains on your character once you earn it. FIX: The duplicated chests & doors in the Oracle zone should be resolved. FIX: It is no longer possible to enter Nomad’s house door by going through more »


Version 1.25

*** Version 1.25 Official Release (06/18/02 — 17:00 EST) *** FIX: The CTRL-A and CTRL-W map quit button no longer lead to the first screen of F1. FIX: The Tutorial should no longer be started when a player remorts. FIX: A new utility “t4c tweak” has been made available and will the removal of the more »


Version 1.24

*** Version 1.24 Official Release (03/25/02 — 17:00 EST) *** FIX: The give karma bug has been removed from Mordrick Warstone. FIX: The group bug exploit in the XP Colosseum has been resolved. FIX: Malaar in WindHowl should no longer give you free karma if the user dropped the gold before confirming. FIX: The F12 more »


Version 1.23

*** Version 1.23 Official Release (09/17/01 — 17:00 EST) *** FIX: Madrigan’s mad house locked door problem has been corrected. FIX: Archibald no longer talks to the character that he just teleported away. FIX: Glaenshenmilandira no longer cuts the conversation when she talks about her Purifiers. FIX: Using the bonesword of the berserker & the more »


Version 1.22

*** Version 1.22 Official Release (08/01/01 — 17:00 EST) *** FIX: The invisible barrier that kept monsters from leaving Orkanis castle has been removed. FIX: The area in the colosseum has been enlarged. FIX: The “PvP holes” problem in Lighthaven has been corrected. FIX: The sword of might can no longer be sold. FIX: The more »


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